I’m Frank Devries, the owner and operator of DRT Painting Services. I’ve been involved in the painting industry for nearly 20 years, and it’s been my pleasure and privilege to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area. DRT Painting Services is a family-owned business, and we’re totally committed to delivering an experience that’s unsurpassed. There are a few ways we make that happen.


First, we pride ourselves on professionalism. That means we adhere to a code of conduct and courtesy. We arrive when we say we’re going to, we do what we promise we’ll do, and we don’t cut corners. If there’s a mistake, we’ll always own up to it and fix it. If there’s a problem, we’ll work with our clients to correct it.


Second, we believe in having knowledge of our craft. Painting is easy, and really, anybody can do it. But painting well, having an eye on all the details, and doing good work while not making a huge mess—those are all gained through discipline and taking the time to do things right. Whatever the job, our professional painters do it once and done; meaning, we do it once and do it right.

Quality Pricing

Third, we believe in delivering quality service and products for reasonable rates. Our pricing will always remain competitive. Whatever the budget is we’re working with, we’ll agree to it before the job starts, and we’ll stay within budget.

Contact Us

We welcome any questions or comments about either our painting contractors or services. Feel free to email me anytime at drtpaintingservice@gmail.com. Whether you’d like to inquire about interior or exterior home painting, we are the company for you.