1. Selecting a Paint Finish for Your Interior

    It’s time to spruce up your home! Whether that means starting in the kitchen and moving to the bedrooms or vice-versa, you get to choose a new color of paint to transform the walls of your home. For those of you who have already decided on the colors, that’s wonderful! We know we will be able to give you the interior painting results of your dreams. However, have you decided what paint finish …Read More

  2. How to Choose Interior Painting Colors

    We at DRT Painting understand the importance of transforming the inside of your home into your ideal oasis, which is why we offer our professional interior painting services to people like you! However, if you aren’t sure what you want to do for each room of your home, be sure to think about the following in order to make your color decisions: Start off Small Before committing to painting your e…Read More